About us

Real Estate and InvestmentsReal Estate and Investment has been focused on investing in real estate for just about fifteen years and are eager to share our services to those individuals looking for consulting advice on investing in real estate. While the vast majority of our competition approach land investing from one point of view, we are proud to offer you several options that will help you to choose the right property for long-term growth.

At Mackay Real Estate and Investment, we’ve investigated land speculation and created a winning formula for investing that eliminates the risk. Our team is committed to evaluate the investment from a unique perspective and then focus on your individual goals.

How Can We Keep That Promise?
In addition to investing in properties for 15 years, and a background in law we have bought and sold over $20 million dollars worth of real estate. Our entire team brings a unique approach to investing in real estate, by focusing on the most profitable aspects of successful transactions, we can assure that the purchases we recommend are in line with those parameters. Our team are all experts in their own fields, combined we are a force to be reckoned with. Every person working at Mackay Real Estate and Investment has mastered their craft and work tirelessly to do the same for each client.

Use of the Multi-Dimensional Approach
The problem with the majority of real estate investing companies is they put all their focus on one aspect of the real estate transaction. At Mackay Real Estate and Investment, our team takes a much different approach by developing a competent team that can master all different phases of real estate investing from purchase contracts to closing attorney. When we can focus all our efforts on every aspect of the transaction and communicate freely with each other during the process, we virtually eliminate any types of risks that could occur during the transaction.

The Investing Process
Rather than recommend a piece of property we feel is a good buy and leave you to take care of the rest, our team employs a complete investing process that will walk you through every step of the way. We feel not only does this put the clients mind at ease, you feel more secure knowing we are their locating an ideal piece of land, speculating the value of the property, evaluating its potential profit, and instructing you on which improvements will yield the highest returns. We are committed to working alongside you each step of the way.

The end result is the purchase is more profitable in the end for the buyer and you can rest assured knowing we are there every step of the way in case you have questions of concerns about the investment.