A Homeowners Guide to Buying Your First Boat

The allure of getting a boat and calling the shots out on the open seas is appealing to millions of people around the world. Be cautious however about jumping into a deal too fast or you could diminish the overall experience. Boatmo.com recently offered our new home owners some guidance before heading out to the boats sale. If you were to take the time and just follow along with these 3 tips, you will find that owning a boat is unlike any other experience you could have.

boats sale1. Now you spend all this time negotiating for a good deal on the boat, but a few months later you wonder why your bank account is leaking like it has a gigantic hole in it. The reason being is owning a boat can be costly if you did not incorporate these costs into your budget. In addition to the price of the boat, you need to set aside money for insurance, permits, license, fuel, maintenance, repairs, storage equipment, gear, and a trailer.

2. Regardless if you are out on the water alone or you have a boat full of passengers, you are responsible for the safety of anyone on board. While you may think you are the best driver, things can go bad out miles from shore in the blink of an eye. A fast approaching lightning storm, driving rain and wind, or even a rogue wave, could turn the boat around or capsize it in certain conditions. Take a safety training class or go to boating school so you can identify dangerous situations long before they affect you and your boat.

3. Take a drive to the local marina and speak with the staff about the costs involved to park your boat there each day. Being able to jump in the boat at a moments notice as opposed to having to connect it to a trailer and drop it in the water is convenience, but it does cost a lot more. The marina charges for the slip, they charge for maintenance, and they charge for storage and winterizing the boat in the off-season. make sure you average out this expense so you can budget for that charge each month.

If you can take care of these 3 boating tips, you are well on your way and better off than the majority of people who buy boats on impulse and then regret their decision. There are plenty of boats out there and there are plenty of boat deals available, sleep on your decision and you will get the most of your boating experience.